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Gravitech Business Advisors provides advisory services in the following domains:


Capable people are central to a company’s existence, growth and profitability. Successful organisations establish and sustain a healthy alignment between the organisation’s purpose, its vision, mission, and values, to its strategy and business model, and its people policies and practices. This requires expertise in understanding structures, interrelationships between functional areas, and the dynamics of interpersonal interactions.

Human Resources

Gravitech Business Advisors offers client organisations advisory services to create human resource systems that are aligned with the organisation’s goals and strategy, with a focus on:

  • Diagnostic Studies
  • Organization Design
  • Work-method Studies
  • HR Policies and Practices
  • Executive Search and deployment
  • Design and execution of Capability Building Interventions
Succession Planning in Family Businesses

Gravitech Business Advisors offers client organisations prepare effective succession plans particularly in family owned and managed MSMEs. Small and medium sized companies form a very important part of corporate India. Less than 20% of family owned and managed businesses have a succession plan in place. Gravitech Business Advisors offers advisory for leadership transition in family owned and managed businesses.


Strategy is that constellation of unique and interdependent choices an organisation makes, in pursuit of successful business outcomes, from a deep understanding of the business landscape, the environment it will need to operate in, and the resources it will need to deploy in its journey.

Business Models focused on business in India

The Indian economy offers amongst the best global business opportunities combined with complexities arising from the unique combination of the nation’s rich cultural and historical heritage, its unique political environment, its vast geography and amazing demographic situation. Over the next two to three decades, India will offer attractive returns to successful businesses. Crafting business strategies and creating business models suited to the needs of the Indian marketplace will be core to successful business outcomes.

Gravitech Business Advisors offers client organisations advisory services to understand the business context draw insights to develop its strategy in India, and test alternative business models, with a focus on:

  • Market Research Design
  • Pre Entry services
  • Post entry services
  • Indian Business Set Up Advisory
Business Turnaround Practices

Gravitech Business Advisors offers client organisations advisory services in aimed at turnaround of stressed businesses, through revamp of business model and alignment of assets to market and customer needs, turnaround of operations and increasing asset productivity, review and realignment of people practices and fitment, and financial restructuring.


Start-up entrepreneurial ventures are a fascinating manifestation of innovation. Changes in society, technology, cultures, demographics, environment and economy, offer immense opportunities for innovation. The intersection of one or more domains create fertile grounds for innovation to thrive and be expressed by entrepreneurs in start-ups new ventures.


Start-up businesses are ventures often characterised by high risks with the promise of large benefits at a future point in time. In order to realise these benefits, start-ups need to be nurtured and guided through conceptualisation, infancy and early stages of formation to a stage when they can successfully co-exist in the mainstream business ecosystem.

Gravitech Business Solutions offers client organisations advisory services to start-up entrepreneurs and to support them with mentoring through the following stages:

  • Idea Viability and Early Stages of Conceptualisation
  • Customer Need Testing
  • Business Modelling
  • Market Research Design
  • Feasibility Planning
  • Putting the Business Plan Together
  • Beta / Pilot Design
  • Fundraise Pitching


Incubation and Early Stage investment in New Ventures

Gravitech Business Solutions offers to incubate start-ups and new business ventures, including to consider making early stage investments in selected start-ups and new business ventures.